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A smart thermostat is an intuitive heating system controller that allows you use your boiler more effectively. A wide range of leading boiler brands such as Valliant, Glow Worm, Worcester and others have highly effective thermostats that we can install for you. Smart thermostat installation is something we often recommend because of how competent the system is at helping improve control, monitoring, and reduction of a home’s energy consumption. If you are looking to get the most out of your heating system at less cost and with less stress, a smart thermostat is definitely a smart option.

Certain boiler thermostats can be confusing to use as well as ineffective. This is clearly not a good thing because thermostats are essential if a homeowner is to get desired results from a boiler. Without an effective thermostat, a homeowner will be unable to properly interface with a boiler and properly heat premises. With a user friendly thermostat, a homeowner can utilise a heating system in any way he/she deems fit.