Plumbing and Heating Price List

At Mittens Plumbing and Heating, our goal always is to always deliver the best quality at the best prices you’ll find anywhere. We make sure our customers get great value and lasting satisfaction for their money.

With the clear advantage of over 15 years industry experience and a dedicated team of highly skilled and certified technicians, Mittens continues to deliver on a promise of excellence at unbeatable rates to Brighton and Sussex residents and the surrounding areas.

We offer top-notch plumbing and heating expertise in three (3) broad areas: Repairs/Safety Checks, Installation and Design.

Below is a breakdown of what you can expect from our professional field staff and our price list when you call us for any of the three categories of services we offer.

Repairs/Safety Checks

Boiler Repair: We understand how much issues and stress a faulty or broken boiler can cause if left unattended to. That's why our expert teams of engineers are always on standby for any emergency or scheduled repair works on any faulty boiler and restore it to full and efficient working capacity in no time!

Gas safety checks: We also offer safety checks at least once a year for all our boiler installations to ensure our customers are safe and enjoy their heating installations with confidence and assurance.

Please see our price list below to get an idea of what we charge for our repair services.


Boiler installation: Mittens is an approved “Advanced Installer” company; and, as such, you’re not just guaranteed a professional installation of your boiler system, but also enjoy up to 10-year warranty on the installation.

Underfloor heating installation: This is convenient for just about any floor type and provides a comfortably heated environment, whilst saving space that would have been taken up by radiators or other heating sources. Contact Mittens for a quick and effective installation of your underfloor heating system without fuss.

Designer radiator installation: We stock a range of designer radiators that are a beautiful blend of performance and art; thereby offering you an installation gives you satisfactory performance while also enhancing the look of your rooms.

Please see our price list below to get an idea of what we charge for our installation services.


System design: To design the perfect heating system for you, we review your need and requirements and recommend the right products, tools and procedure that suitably fit you and your budget.

Bathroom design: Regardless of your style preferences, we have the professional capability and access to stocks of varying modern and classic product options to design, supply and install any bathroom or wet room.

Please see our price list below to get an idea of what we charge for our design services.

Every project we complete is unique. If you would like a bespoke quotation after looking at our price list, then get in touch today. We will discuss your project, give you guide prices off our price list, and, if you wish, organize to come to you to complete the job or provide a full quotation.

As our existing customers will confirm to you, at Mittens, we boast one of the fasted response times in the industry and so our field technicians are always on standby to respond to emergency calls.

So, even if your repair, installation or design work need is urgent, not to worry. Simply call us today on 01273 257 225 and we’ll be there quickly with a satisfactory and lasting solution.