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Worcester Boilers is one of the leading manufacturers of Combi boilers in the UK. It is easy to see why many people prefer them for their heating solutions. The brand offers a warranty of up to 8 years or more on its products. But that is not all, it produces a wide range of Combi Boilers to suit every type of household.However, in spite of its authenticity and efficiency, any boiler will require regular maintenance to perform optimally throughout the year.

It is easy to overlook servicing your boiler. It is in shipshape condition after all, so why bother? But like all machines, a boiler needs to undergo check-up regularly. It will save you a lot of money in repairs in the long-term. At Mittens Plumbing and Heating, our engineers advise having a professional service it regularly. You don’t use your boiler only in winter. In fact, you need hot water everyday so it is already under heavy use.