Glow Worm Boiler Maintenance and Servicing Areas We Cover

Mittens Plumbing and Heating Provide You With Solutions

If you want a high performing boiler, then you need high quality engineers like us to work on it. Mittens Plumbing and Heating has the expertise, tools, and manpower to guarantee the constant optimal performance of your boiler. We recommend to all our clients a full service at least once a year for their heating system because it prevents unexpected and expensive boiler breakdowns.

Let us check on your Brighton and Sussex home’s Glow Worm boiler today and get it running like brand new. Heating systems from Glow Worm are designed to function optimally for long periods without breaking down. This is why many homeowners find this particular heating system to be effective and trustworthy. But the effectiveness of a Glow Worm boiler can be further enhanced with routine maintenance and servicing from a professional.