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One major installation in any house is the central heating You want warm water running from the faucet at all times. Also, it is essential to keep the house comfortable in cold weather. With a properly-heated home, the household remains warm and healthy in winter. When installing your central heating, choosing a reliable boiler is important. Mittens Plumbing and Heating installs high-value Combi Boilers with year-round efficiency.When it comes to buying a suitable Combi Boiler, our heating professionals are happy to help. We also maintain and fix faulty boilers in emergency situations.

Important facts about Combi Boilers

A Combi Boiler or Combination Boiler is one of the most popular types in the UK. It accounts for more than half the boilers installed in the country every year. The save space and only heat water that is needed, making them an economical option. Combination Boilers are called that because they heat the rooms and also the household water supply. Natural gas combination boilers are powered by natural gas that emit a lot less carbon dioxide than coal or oil models. Combination boilers that run on natural gas emit much less carbon dioxide than oil of coal types.

Plumbing and Heating Services in Brighton and Sussex

Combi Boilers don't need a storage tank or external container. This makes them an inexpensive way to keep your house warm. Due to their minimal size, installation is an easy process.Mittens Plumbing and Heating fits top Combi Boiler models like Vaillant Boilers. We fit functional boilers guaranteed to heat up your home all through winter. Based on your wattage, we have a large variety of boilers to pick from. You can trust us to supply the right model for your building. Based on the size of your household, you can choose a Combi Boiler in our 15KW- 35KW range.

Plumbing and Heating Services in Brighton and Sussex

What make choosing a Combi Boiler the right decision?

Combis heat up water directly from the mains, unlike other boilers. This guarantees hot water any time you switch on the tap. Combis are space-saving due to their tankless nature. This makes them a suitable alternative for small bungalows or flats. The quick heat design also makes it a highly cost-effective option. Combi Boilers don't heat water you won't use, so they are eco-friendly.Finally, it is more convenient to install a Combi Boiler because it has fewer parts.

With Mittens Plumbing and Heating, our professionals guarantee quick installation. Rest assured, our methods are non-invasive on your property.

What to take into account before setting up a Combi Boiler

It is advisable to talk to a heating expert before you buy a new boiler. You can avoid mistakes by doing so. As well as needless costs on unsuitable products.Take the following into account

  • Number of occupant in the home
  • The power of mains water pressure
  • The number of taps used during a specific period

If you are thinking of installing one, our heating engineers provide obligation-free consultation in Brighton and Sussex.

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Correcting boiler problems

Over time, a build-up of corrosion and sludge content will affect a boiler’s efficiency. A power-flush is one reliable way to rid it out. Though a power flush seems like an easy procedure, you need the right skills and tools. For all boiler issues, we provide rapid solutions.

Professionals, trained and prepared

Our professionals are equipped and ready to serve anytime Regardless of your location in Brighton and Sussex, we will get to you in a few minutes. Besides being accredited Gas-safe experts, Mittens technicians are customer-friendly. Do you worry about issues pertaining to installation? No need to be, we use the latest equipment to provide excellent solutions.

No concealed costs

We are proud of our simple pricing system. Our costs are fixed and transparent. We do not sneak in additional costs. At Mittens, we charge £60 for the first hours, and £45 for every hour afterward. It includes VAT. We keep you in the know of any new costs.

Safety First

At Mittens, we care about your safety. Our experts work with the latest safety techniques. Following our long-term experience in service, we know how to ensure a secure work area. All our projects are also covered by comprehensive insurance. Granted, you building is always in good care.

Why You Should Hire Mittens Plumbing and Heating

Almost all customers retain us after the first project. Not just because of our 15 years’ service in the business.

  • Mittens engineers are professional and Gas-safe certified.
  • We are Combi Boiler experts and are accredited by leading industry authorities
  • We give as long as a 10-year warranty on our new boilers.
  • Our customer support services lasts the product's life span.

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Information about Brighton.
  • Mittens Plumbing And Heating offers Combi Boilers in Brighton.
  • The Town of Brighton, lies within England in East Sussex.
  • Brighton's main tourist attractions include Brighton Dome, Brighton Wheel, British Airways i360, Brighton Palace Pier, and Volk's Electric Railway.
  • Brighton is part of the Brighton And Hove local authority administrative area in East Sussex in England.
  • Historically, Brighton was part of the county of Sussex.
  • Hove Town Hall serves as Brighton's local authority administrative headquarters.
  • Brighton's council/local authority is a Unitary Authority.
  • Brighton is part of South East England.
  • The wards and electoral sub divisions of Brighton also include Queen's Park (ward).
  • The Town of Brighton additionally contains the hamlets such as Balsdean its boundaries.
  • The Town of Brighton additionally contains villages such as Stanmer, Saltdean, Ovingdean, Hangleton, and West Blatchington in its boundaries.
  • Brighton contains a number of settlements including Round Hill, Woodingdean, Moulsecoomb, West Blatchington, Ovingdean, Whitehawk, and Saltdean.
  • Mittens Plumbing And Heating's service area like-wise encompasses Seven Dials, Hollingbury, West Hill, Portslade, and Stanmer in the Town of Brighton.
  • Other service areas covered by Mittens Plumbing And Heating within Brighton, England include Elm Grove, Brunswick (Hove), Bear Road, Prestonville, and Old Steine,
  • in addition to Brighton's outlying urban areas Hollingdean, Hangleton, Aldrington, Westdene, and Kemp Town.
  • Last but not least Mittens Plumbing And Heating's Combi Boilers cover the greater Brighton area including Kemptown, Hanover, New England Quarter, Coldean, and Patcham.
  • Suburbs of Brighton, East Sussex, include Preston Village, Rottingdean, Bevendean, Withdean, and Mile Oak.
  • Within Brighton you find towns such as Roedean, Carlton Hill, The Lanes, North Laine, and Black Rock (Brighton and Hove).
  • A variety of cities for part of Brighton including Brighton and Hove
  • Waste House, University of Brighton Design Archives, and University of Brighton located within Brighton are distinguished through England and the United Kingdom.
  • Notable educational establishments in Brighton include Brighton College, and Dorothy Stringer High School.
  • Jubilee Library, and Libraries in Brighton and Hove helps preserves Brighton's history.
  • Promoting cultural heritage in Brighton is the Brighton Toy and Model Museum, and Royal Pavilion.
  • The Brighton area is the location of several hospitals including Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital, and Royal Sussex County Hospital.
  • Queen's Park, Royal Pavilion, and Wild Park are the most notable parks and open spaces in Brighton and are famous through out England.
  • The major roads feeding Brighton includes the A23 road.
  • Notable roads within Brighton include Old Steine, London to Brighton Way, and Bear Road.
  • The Town of Brighton southern boundaries are bordered by Burgess Hill, and Lewes
  • Brighton is best known for Chattri, Royal Pavilion, and Brighton Lifeboat Station.
  • Brighton is wreathed in examples of famous architecture including Gothic House, University of Brighton School of Art, and St Mary's Church.
  • Situated in Brighton, notable heritage assets include St Stephen's Church, St Barnabas Church, St Peter's Church, Grade II listed buildings in Brighton and Hove: I–L, and Royal Sussex County Hospital.
  • Brighton houses some well known churches including Bristol Road Methodist Church, St Augustine's Church, and St Nicolas Church.
  • Included in the long history of Brighton are Christiana Edmunds, Tuctuc Ltd, Buildings and architecture of Brighton and Hove, Brighton Voice, and Battle of Lewes Road.
  • Brighton and Hove city centre are Brighton's main business districts.
  • A variety of business including Brandwatch, Relentless Software, and Magpie Recycling were founded in the Town of Brighton.