We are leading UK plumbing and heating company committed to the comfort and best living standards of our clients through our premium quality works, first rate experience and adherence to global industry practices. Since its founding in 2007, Mittens Plumbing & Heating has quickly established itself as a pacesetter and passionate brand with innovative thinking and superior professional services.

With this, we have continued to build a solid reputation for great value and excellence and expanded our operation base beyond the Brighton and Sussex area to East Brighton and Sussex and West Brighton and Sussex and other regions in the UK. We have a staff strength of over 30 highly experienced professionals who you’ll come to find as some of the most skilled and friendly in the industry.

These attributes have also ensured that our clientele base has continued to grow as our existing customers enjoy great work satisfaction and are happy to rehire and recommend us to their family and friends.


At Mittens, all our staff are driven by a set of company values that are centred on giving the customer first class heating and plumbing service backed by the highest professional standards, innovative technology, excellent customer care and full insurance. From our first contact with you to the actual service delivery, from the products and equipment we use to our aftercare support and friendly rates, Mittens is all about quality and good relationship built on the foundations of trust, transparency, excellence and care.

Whether on the field with our technicians or online or on the phone with our customer care representatives, all our professionals operate by these Mittens core values:


Mittens, we are a caring company. That’ll be obvious to you within minutes of your first dealings with us. It’s at the heart of our value system and has been cultivated through years of putting clients first in all that we do. So if you’re thinking of a heating and plumbing company that cares so much about your warmth and comfort as much as you do and at a reasonable price, then think Mittens.


As an innovative and forward-thinking company, we keep pushing the boundaries of excellence and exploring the latest and most advanced technology and techniques in the business. We know there is always room for improvement. And we know clients always desire the best and so we want the best for them always. Therefore, we make no compromises on quality and service. With us, you can be confident that we’ll deliver only excellence.


At every stage of our dealing with you, we’ll be precise, open and considerate. What we say is exactly what we mean. No hidden charges anywhere; and all our charges are fair.


We believe trust is the basis of a great relationship. So, we are always working to earn, build and retain trust with you; both during and even after we have completed our work for you.

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Charlie Mittens: Founder and Director

He is that guy that believes dreams can be made a reality if you work hard. He’s at work round the clock and sometimes had to be called home by his wife because he forgets it’s dinner time. You know your work is 100% safe in his hands.

Steve Frape: Partner and Director

Also a project manager, Steve lives for the task. He has always enjoyed challenging roles, which is probably why he looks like a Number 8. A ruthless competitor with results always on his mind; he doesn’t accept failure.

Kelly Mittens: Office Manager

She’s that woman that believes what a man can do, a woman can do better. With her experience in plumbing customer service, she’s the backbone of Mittens’s plumbing and heating. As the wife of the founder, she ensures every employee is treated with dignity and will not hesitate to stand up for her workers. Her job is to make sure every client gets a great standard of service, is happy with timelines, and gets the appointment they need. The rest of the team are go-getters, which is why we have managed to complete the number and diversity of projects we have, including design and installation of bespoke bathrooms, refurbishments and installation of replacement boilers and heating controls.


As a company, we believe in innovation and a forward thinking approach. As such, we have obtained a number of important qualifications over the past decade.

  • We are gas safe registered.
  • We are also Pas 2030 accredited.
  • Our workers are health and safety policy experts.
  • We also cover risk assessment, hot works, design insurance and we are fully insured.

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