Worcester Boilers in Ovingdean

Setting up Your Worcester Boiler in Ovingdean

Buying a renowned brand is always the best decision when you want to install a boiler. While there are so many manufacturers, it is advisable to stick with an accredited company. The ACE Plumbing and Heating company is an approved reseller of all boilers under the Worcester brand. The company is a leading manufacturer of boilers in the UK and globally. As a heating company with experienced professionals, we have straight access to Worcester boilers for your property. Our customers also get a warranty directly from the manufacturers. If you are thinking of installing a new boiler, our engineers will be happy to guide you.

What you need to know about Worcester Boilers

Worcester Boilers make up one of the major boiler brands in the UK. It is clear to see why the company’s diverse boiler ranges is one of ACE’s bestselling products. Regardless of the size of your home, Worcester has a Combi Boiler that is designed to suit it perfectly. They have various models of sizes, shapes and function. However, the boilers are as powerful as they are unique. Our Worcester boiler come with A-ratings for efficiency.

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They are also made in various combinations of central heating and hot water features. Following the present warranty of 5 years on the i, Si Compact and SDi models, this is the best time to buy a Greenstar Worcester Boiler.

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Worcester Greenstar CDI classic range:

The CDi classic range has the highest output and central heating flowrate in all ranges of Worcester’s Combi boilers. The classic boilers are available in 34, 38, 42 and 29 CDi series. All boilers in the series are available in both natural gas and LPG. At ACE Plumbing and Heating, our Worcester boilers will be delivered at no cost to you, anywhere in Ovingdean. The boiler can be bought as a bundle at a discounted price. The bundle will contain a timer, boiler and flue.

Worcester Greenstar i range:

This range of boiler is easily very common. It is perfect for flats, bungalows and other smaller properties. The Greenstar i range suitable where the demand for hot water and central heating is less. The 30i or 25i combi boilers are obtainable in natural gas and LPG designs. They both have an A maximum efficiency rating and are ErP compliant.

Worcester Greenstar Si compact range:

Like the previous Si range, the CDi Compact has been redesigned to look smaller. This makes them sizable for installation in cupboards. Despite the compact design, the CDi is an efficient Combi boiler that operates in mid-sized to large properties. The range is available in natural gas and LPG, and can be obtained in 36CDi, 28CDi, and 32CDi Compact

Our popular models of Worcester Boilers

Anytime we receive a request, our engineers preform a home survey to identify a most suitable option. These models are some of our most popular:

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ACE’s Services for Worcester Boilers

Boiler Installations

At ACE, our experienced and trained experts can set up customised boilers in your property. Whether you are outfitting a new build or replacing an old boiler, the installations will differ. Hence it is essential you work with trained professionals. We put utmost priority on convenience so our customers are guaranteed a stress-free installation.

Boiler aftercare services

All boilers must undergo regular maintenance, irrespective of their high efficiency. Regular servicing ensures your boiler lasts longer and stays functional all year. Maintenance is a major part of ACE’s boiler aftercare service. After an installation, we open a maintenance account for the new boiler- twice a year. Get in touch with us if you want one for your existing boiler.

Boiler fixing

It is not unusual to see minor but risky faults when maintaining your boiler. Some small problems have the tendency to do major damage if left unrepaired. If you notice any faults or signs of improper heating, contact a ACE expert. Our professionals carry out boiler repairs and fault-finding services. We also have a quick-service emergency unit in Ovingdean. Whether your boiler needs a power flush or gas reset, we are here for you.

Home visitation and consulting

The type of boiler you install will be dependent on the house size, number of people in it and the taps in use at a particular time. Prior to buying a new boiler, speak to a heating technician first. You are likely to buy an incompatible boiler and incur high energy bills. At ACE, our heating experts provide consultation obligation-free. Choose the ideal Worcester boiler for your property.Rest assured, you will be happy with the result.

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