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When you shop for a central heating engineer, you want a lasting solution to your heating needs. You also need these solutions to be delivered immediately. There are definitely many heating engineers to pick from, but who is the right one? Does the engineer have a customer-oriented attitude? Will they respect the order of things on your property? Are you going to be presented a fixed rate at the start or will you be shocked by the bill when they are done? It is important to know these things about any potential heating engineer or company you hire. At Mittens Plumbing and Heating, we deal with these concerns and more so you can have peace of mind. Let us restore your faulty heating to right condition. Want a central heating engineer you can trust?

What is central heating?

Knowing how Central Heating works helps understand more, the role of a heating engineer. Central heating is simply distributing heat equally, from a central heating point or source to other areas inside a building. This uniform heat distribution is effected through a network of pipes carrying warm water. The pipe network may be attached to radiators in the rooms or arranged in loops below the floor for underfloor heating.

Radiator systems operate using high temperatures from boilers, but underfloor heating requires low temperatures from a heat source.

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The source of heat could be a Gas Boiler, Wood Boiler, Diesel Boiler or Air to Water heat pump. It is the job of a central heating engineer to ensure your building’s heating system is always efficient.

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Things to check in a Central Heating Engineer

How do you choose the right central heating engineer? First, it is important to know if they are Gas-safe registered. This is required by law, especially for operators of LPG or natural gas boilers. The next step is to determine if the engineer is authorised by the boiler company. Most boiler companies will invalidate their terms of warranty if you hire a service they do not endorse.

Finally, the engineer must be reliable or work with a registered service. In Saltdean, Mittens Plumbing and Heating hires central heating engineers that pass all these criteria. We promise your heating will be in the care of professionals.

Gas-safe registered engineer

Every central heating engineer needs to be Gas-safe registered. This helps guarantee safety of the occupants in a home using natural gas or LPG heating system. The Gas-safe Register is an organisation that promotes safety by certifying heating engineers who pass its safety assessment tests. At Mittens Plumbing and Heating, our heating engineers must be Gas-safe professionals.

We also ensure that they remain updated in industry best practices every year. Our professional engineers can also help purchase the right heating system for your home. Trust our Gas-safe registered experts to respond at your home in any emergency.

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Central heating purchase advice

Central heating purchase advice It can be confusing to make decisions on your central heating at times. Knowing the type of central heating your home deserves is key to buying a new installation unit. For instance, which heating system is right for my home, an under floor one or a radiator system? Under what circumstances are they most effective? Is mounting a central heating equipment expensive? You can find the answers to all these questions at Mittens Plumbing and Heating. Consult our engineers for useful advice on a central heater that is best for your property.

Fitting your Central heating system

An installation is usually the next step after a purchase. The boiler or radiator should be set up in a central position. This is to ensure even distribution of heat through the building. Household occupants will benefit from a central heating system that is well positioned. The installation procedure at Mittens Plumbing and Heating is easy and open. Our customers are bound to receive complete satisfaction.

Fixing your Central Heating system

A central heating system tends to malfunction with time. For example, parts of the seal and gasket may need breakdown and need to be replaced. We perform a thorough diagnostic check and identify the problem before making recommendations. Our rates are standard, however, where we have extra costs, we will let you know first. Our goal is to provide cost-effective heating solutions that are convenient and permanent for our customers.

Central heating maintenance

We stated previously the importance of your heating engineer’s qualifications. Boiler manufacturing companies take their product maintenance seriously. You could void your warranty by not maintaining your heating system in 12 months. Conversely, using an un-approved heating engineer could also lose you the warranty. At Mittens Plumbing and Heating company, our engineers are approved by the UK’s leading heating companies. Get your heating system to raise its efficiency and drive down undue power costs by hiring our central heating engineers for maintenance.

Qualified Central Heating Engineers

As a company that has been in the heating industry for over 20 years, our reputation for excellence is known throughout Saltdean. We know for certain that our central heating engineers are among the best in Saltdean. Our engineers come with decades of involvement in the heating industry. They are approved by major boiler companies and are also Gas-safe registered.

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