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When looking for a central heating engineer, the key thing you want is heat. In addition to efficiency, you also want these solutions to be provided instantly. Sure, there are many heating engineers, but how can you be sure of the right one? Is the engineer focused on delivering customer service? Will their working process be invasive to your home? Will they provide a fixed quote at the start or will they shock you with a bill when the job is over? It is essential to find out answers to these questions about a heating engineer or service. At Mittens Plumbing and Heating, we find have the answers to all these issues so you needn’t be bothered. Let us resolve your heating system for you. Want a central heating engineer you can trust?

How Central heating works

Having a good knowledge of your central heating system makes it easier to understand the role of a heating engineer. Central heating is when the whole interior of a building is uniformly heated from a central heating source or point. Warm water distributes the heat evenly through a network of pipes. The pipes can be linked to radiators in the rooms or beneath the floor (for underfloor heating systems)

Radiator-operated heating systems require high heat but underfloor heating systems need low heat from a hot source.

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The source of heat could be a Gas Boiler, Wood Boiler, Diesel Boiler or Air to Water heat pump. It is the job of a central heating engineer to ensure your building’s heating system is always efficient.

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What you should know about a Central Heating Engineer

What makes a central heating engineer an ideal choice? First of all, are they Gas-safe registered? This is required by law, especially for operators of LPG or natural gas boilers. The next step is to determine if the engineer is authorised by the boiler company. Most manufacturers will withdraw their warranty if they find out an un-approved service handled their boiler.

Finally, the engineer must be reliable or work with a registered service. All Mittens Plumbing and Heating central engineers are Gas-safe registered, boiler-service approved and trustworthy. Rest assured your heating will be in professional hands.

Gas-safe registered engineer

As a central heating engineer, being Gas-safe registered very important. This guarantees improved safety conditions for buildings with a gas-based heating system. The Gas-safe Register is an organisation that seeks to provide energy safety by adopting measures including examination of heating engineers. All Mittens’s Plumbing and Heating engineers are Gas-safe compliant.

We also make sure they are kept abreast of recent safety standards. If you have any problem with your heating system, or simply wish to install a new one, our engineers are well-equipped to help. A member of our rapid response team will be at your home in no time.

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Central heating instructional services

Central heating advisory services Taking a decision on your central heating can be confusing at times. When buying a heating system, it is important to know the type that is best for your building. For instance, which is a better option, a radiator heater or an under floor one? What situations are ideal for optimal performance? What is a good ballpark figure for a central heating system? At Mittens Plumbing and Heating, our engineers have the right answers to your inquiries. Consult our engineers for useful advice on a central heater that is best for your property.

Installing a Central heating system

You will want to install your central heating after purchasing it. During installation, the boiler or radiator must be located centrally. This will make for even heat distribution around the rooms. Having a well-located central heating system is key to convenience for household members. At Mittens Plumbing and Heating, our installation process is simple and straightforward. We promise to serve our customers to full satisfaction.

Restoring your Central Heating

A central heating system tends to malfunction with time. For instance, the gasket and seal may wear off and require replacement. Prior to making suggestions, our engineers conduct a comprehensive diagnostic test first. Our rates are standard, however, where we have extra costs, we will let you know first. Our objective is proffer more convenient heating solutions that are affordable and long-lasting for our clients.

Maintaining your Central Heating system

We stated previously the importance of your heating engineer’s qualifications. Boiler manufacturing companies take their product maintenance seriously. Not maintaining your heating system every year can nullify the warranty. Similarly, working with an un-accredited engineer can invalidate your warranty. Mittens Plumbing and Heating is an authorised dealer with top heating manufacturers in the UK. With our central heating engineers, you can enjoy a more comfortable home and lower energy bills.

Experienced Central Heating Engineers

Since operations began 20 years ago, we have continued to grow our status as a quality heating service in Findon-Valley. We believe that our central heating engineers are some of the best in Findon-Valley. Our engineers come with decades of involvement in the heating industry. They are Gas-safe registered and accredited by heating companies.

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