Ideal Boiler Breakdown / Repair in Hailsham

There is no reason to fret about your Ideal boiler breaking down because Mittens Plumbing and Heating Hailsham is here to rescue you!

What do you do when winter is coming and your Ideal boiler decides to break down?At Mittens Plumbing and Heating, because we hate to see you distressed, we do a bit more to ensure our services are available to you once you need them.We help our customers get their boilers back in good working condition, including Ideal Boilers. Even kings fall sick, so don’t fret if your otherwise reliable Ideal boiler suffers a breakdown. If that happens, there is no need to fret because our rapid response team of engineers have you covered.

Excellent results and Ideal boiler repairs of the best standards

Our engineers are well trained and have the required certification to remedy any faults and deliver reliable service with your Ideal boiler. Our technicians are all Gas Safety certified, indicating their competence to get into your Ideal boiler to sort out whatever might be the problem with it.And because we know your carpets are precious, we are extra careful not to make a mess.

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What’s more? Our engineers work with unprecedented speed combined with a swift initial response time, making us one of the fastest services you’ll find in Hailsham.This speed, however, does not translate to shoddy work.Our guarantee is the best possible service in the best possible time.

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Get a custom repair service for your Ideal boiler when you choose Mittens Plumbing and Heating

We are passionate about making sure every client is satisfied, so we work extra hard to ensure their specific needs are met.You don’t have to keep enduring the countless visits from repairmen who fix your boiler only for it to stop working again. We want to put a stop to that and provide a lasting solution to your boiler problems.

We don’t treat every case like the last one as we know all our clients’ needs are unique.After inspecting your Ideal boiler and isolating the cause of the issue, we will suggest the most appropriate ways to go about fixing it. Because we want you to know what went wrong, our experienced engineers will explain the problem with your boiler and why it occurred in the first place.

If you are looking to get the best possible prices on Ideal boiler repairs, Mittens Plumbing and Heating Hailsham is your ideal partner

We never tire of striving for excellence. This includes our pricing which we assure you is fair for the top quality service you get.Mittens Plumbing and Heating wont inflate the prices for the top notch repairs our staff will do on your boiler.The scope of repairs to be done doesn’t matter either, as we charge fair prices for every job. And if we are unable to repair your boiler, we won't charge you any call out fees.Let nothing stop you from placing a call to our experts at Mittens Plumbing and Heating for a free quotation.

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TrustaTrader and Rated People

Mittens Plumbing and Heating is trusted all over Hailsham because of our unwavering commitment to provide optimum satisfaction to our customers, year in, year out. In the 15 years we have been in this industry, our expert engineers have worked hard to build the sterling reputation we are associated with. We are the top choice in Hailsham for all plumbing, heating and bathroom design solutions, thanks to the wealth of experience we have gathered over the years.

Ask any of our clients and they will tell you exactly why we are so special.You only have to take a look at the five star reviews we get on TrustaTrader to see what our clients have to say about our services.

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Common Ideal boiler faults and how we might fix them

Boiler fails to turn on

The issue is likely a wiring one or a PCB issue if your Ideal boiler is not coming on.The solution will be replacing the PCB or upgrading the wiring.Leaks accompanied with gurgling soundA gurgling, leaking boiler likely has its waterways blocked with deposits.The simple fix is to remove the debris from the condensate trap and clean it out before returning it.

Leaky boiler

A broken heat exchanger or a faulty central heating pump may cause a leaky boiler. A new boiler might be the only solution if the heat exchanger is broken, but a faulty central heating pump may only need to be replaced.

Boiler fails to ignite

If your boiler ignition fails, the problem is likely to be the ignition leads, but it might be the sensors. If it is not sufficient to get rid of the carbon build-up on the ignition probes and flame sensor, the sensor might need to be replaced.

Reach out to Mittens Plumbing and Heating Hailsham for a trusted service to repair your Ideal boiler

Look no further than Mittens Plumbing and Heating for qualified and certified engineers to get your Ideal boiler in good working condition. We have provided heating solutions for a variety of clients including businesses and individuals such as homeowners, hotel owners, and property developers, among others.

Our experts know their onions so don't hesitate to let them know about your boiler problem. Place a phone call to 01273 257 225 or send us a message using the form on our Contact Us page to reach out to our helpful team.

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